Planning to develop an e-commerce application and want to know how much it costs?

Here is the ideal answer that is prepared with the help of FuGenX Technologies, a reputed mobile application development company new york.

The present world is based on the technology. Almost everything is controlled and operated by the machine. The technology is also vital for day to day activities for people. The technological features of computer and mobile phone are merged to the cater people’s day to day needs.

People use computer and mobile for everything what they need. Computer (desktop PC) can’t be carried everywhere. So, people carry a technological innovation called a laptop, which can be used anywhere, and it keeps the people updated everywhere.

There is a different technologies ... Read more »

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Searching for the platform like Uber or Arro in New York or in your city which you want to initiate or develop for your business.


Here is the innovative solution which is offered by FuGenX, Fx RMP, a Real-time Market Platform Mobility solution. Below are the unique features of the Fx RMP solution.


Arro is one of the best Uber like taxi companies is New York and the company launched an app called Arro app, which is a free application for iPhone and Android users. A user can register and utilizes the services by finding the nearby cabs. The app gives information about the driver name and his ID number. It saves the time, as well as money as the app automatically generates right fare.


Arro’s new trend is getting popularized all around USA

Arro is also going to start their business in San Francisco, Chicago, Boston and Washington. It is recognized as an emerging Taxi Company, by adopting ... Read more »

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Are you Searching for the solution develop your business or you have an idea to develop iPhone app development for your business?

Here are the steps to get to start iPhone App Development, but I can’t say suits for everyone.

iPhone Application Development Company Georgia

Step:1 Get an idea

If you already decided or having idea to develop an iPhone app, then go to next step, If you don’t then continue to read on. If you don’t have a plan or what are the steps to be followed? A Popular business man solves problems by their own strategy and with their experiences. You need to plan well where need go, how to go and in which one to go then only you will reach particular place like that only plan your iPhone app how to create and make a s ... Read more »

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In the year of 2008, the Apple Inc. launched iPhone App store and later it was renamed iTunes. As on 8-June-2015, 1.4 million apps approved by iTunes and 100+ Billion apps were downloaded. But, a question is how to create an iPhone app? Any developer can create iPhone app with proper awareness of technologies used. Develop a successful an iPhone app with a right strategy with the useful guide given below because it helps you how to create an iPhone app and make it your dream app.

What is your Goal?

First, you need to know what kind app you are going to develop or what is the purpose of developing an app and how it is going to help to reach a goal. Whether you are an individual or marketing manager or IT director, you can make an app idea, but you can’t easily implement tha ... Read more »

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Today’s market statistics say that m-commerce is a big and wide range in range business strategy in the market.  M-commerce is a mobile platform used to run or market or promote business through mobile. In other words, m-commerce is a platform, where buying and selling of goods and services are done through wireless technology called mobile apps. In 1997, the first m-commerce service was started. Through SMS or text message, the machine enabled banking service was started as one of the first m-commerce strategies.

Nowadays, the number of smartphone users is increasing more and more throughout worldwide, which has brought a prominence for m-commerce. Now, small and large industries are focusing on m-commerce to get the maximum attention of the customers. It is offering preferred ways for consumers to get the best and quality products. 

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The demand of Mobile Apps has risen because of the quick development of innovation and the increase in the quantity of Smartphone clients. Nowadays' people are utilizing web on their smartphone and as it is helpful, they need all the data and applications on the phone in a short span of time.

iPhone – the revolutionary smart phone from the Apple is generally loved today among the smartphone users. Despite the fact that there are heaps of different smartphones accessible in the business sector, for example, Android, ... Read more »

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The number of smart-phone users has been increasing tremendously day by day and year by year all over the world. As a result, mobile has become a powerful marketing channel for all types of businesses. Since the introduction of mobile apps, businesses have started investing more and more on mobile marketing instead of traditional way of marketing.

E-commerce companies are yielding most of the mobile app marketing, while travel and real estate companies have also seen ultimate growth in their revenue and popularity by using mobile apps.  

Just have a look at the points highlight ... Read more »

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