Today even top 10 app designing company are facing tough challenges in developing iOS apps because of the changing user preferences. Mobile app developers require to have a special focus on user preferences. In fact, adding attractive and engaging elements has become a key requirement in iOS app development today. And even it has been a tough job for marketers.

By considering all these things, I have crafted 10 beautiful solutions to increase user engagement:

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Do you have plan to increase your business revenue with the mobile app? Are you sure your app strategy will help you out? If it’s not,then you need a true help. Let me help you for some extent. Before choosing between top mobile apps development companies of your preference, you should have a clear idea app features you want to include. Let me help you on this.


10 features that make your app incredible

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Digital Marketing is an ocean for businesses where they can find genuine business leads and empower their marketing strategy. It gained a lot of attention in two years with all kinds of business are trying to achieve a strong online presence. In this, mobile app is a conjugated component that is directly associated with the most of the marketing services that businesses try to target customers. To understand customer behavior and push relevant offers, mobile apps are very much helpful. Top mobile apps development companies Gurgaon, and Bangalore are known for developing this kind of apps. 

What trends we can experience this year?

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Researchers at the University of Oxford have predicted that the jobs in developing countries up to 47 percent could be automated in the coming two decades, mostly replaced by robots. But which of the professional jobs will be taken first by robots?

We can define robots as machine learning algorithms running on purpose-built platforms and they are trained to perform tasks that humans usually do. Let’s see how this technology could take the jobs and what jobs would be the first?


According to UNDESA (United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs) report, the present population of the world 7.5 billion is expected to reach 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.8 ... Read more »

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Some people like to travel on their own and some travelers use to guide maps or guide like travel agencies. Now the technology has taken it to the next step, where travelers no need to rely completely on maps, guidebooks or compasses while in a trip. Mobile apps help travelers reach the destination in an easy way and book holidays in a hassle-free manner. Today travel applications developed by top mobile app development companies Mumbai, Gurgaon, Delhi ncr, Noida and Bangalore, India are helping travelers getting the things done. Mobile apps impacted tourism industry in booking tour as well as planning it. Today a lot of people are using mobile apps to make their travelling easier.

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Today one of the hottest business sectors in India is e-commerce because of the extraordinary growth of the India’s startup environment and feasibility to extend to global scale, among this, the food tech sector is continually booming. Food-tech connects food with customers on technology platform.

Foodversity in diversity

Holding world's oldest culture, tradition, and palatial festivals, India is rich in diversity. Indian cuisine spreads diversity with food of different taste and fragrance and being specific to different parts of the country. Indian hotels and restaurants are giving more importance to authentic Indian cuisines. Meanwhile, many of the five star hotels and restaurants are adopting technological innovations like mobile app and social media to get more customers. To develop mobile apps, they collaborate with the best ... Read more »

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If you’re a UX designer, you need to keep users happy with satisfactory design, but keeping users always happy is not a simple task because user preference may change every time. Good news for you as a designer is you can use cutting-edge design tools to understand users’ intent.

I have picked out some the top UX tools to help you improve your workflow in the upcoming years. With this tool you can keep users happy with the good design.

Windows apps development companies gurgaonUser Testing:

User Testing helps you for user research and prototype testing. The testing engineers from User Testing end target the users based on your preference and test remotely and deliver the result within an hour. The test is recorded in video format, which shows how the users react to the test. This services is available for website as well as mobile a ... Read more »

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Beware of little expenses- a small leak will sink a great ship - Benjamin Franklin.

The hardest thing is saving money by minimizing the expenses, and it is obviously difficult to find out simple ways to save money. How to use your savings to achieve your financial goals? The best way is consistently saving in a bank availing the small amount of interest to reach your financial goals. So people prefer saving money in the bank because of security. On the other hand, banks try to provide best services to achieve customer satisfaction.

ATM, internet banking, and mobile banking are other key digital services of bank. Today users need to think twice before using mobile banking for safe and secure online transactions. Mobile app is easy and convenient for users because it is user friendly. Mobile apps which are developed by the best ... Read more »

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Have you noticed that from last few months Google is giving special preference for mobile based search. Do you know why? Because Google has started to index the mobile websites separately, according to Search Engine Land. It was planned for one year back by Google – With the tremendous growth of the mobile phone users, Google decided to give separate search results according to the search query. Today, the number of smartphone users has increased tremendously because of the technological innovation. People prefer mobile search more than the desktop because of the ease of carrying the smartphone to anywhere anytime compared to desktops.

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Google has launched many new features in last few months to encourage the website owners to twist their domain for phone users. Also, in the last year Google showed a special preference for websites that w ... Read more »

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Have already developed an app or planning to develop? Anyway, you may be thinking that how to make money from app? You may have a plan to do it through ads, so you may be looking for best ad platforms. Before that, let’s see what is mobile ad and how it is beneficial.

Mobile ad means the advertisement which is appeared on the mobile phone and the ad may takes place as text ads, or banner advertisements. The ad companies get the ads from advertiser and place it in mobile websites and mobile apps, with the permission of app owners or website owners. There will be an agreement between Ad company and publisher. The ad section in the website and mobile apps are set by advertisers according to ad size, time of appearance and amount etc. Mobile apps which are developed by the best mobile app development companies in Mumbai ... Read more »

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