Every entrepreneur want to reach top position in their field and wants to be interviewed for their success stories, but only a few of them reach their goals. The reason is they fail to win over the competitors. There are many big brands that are failed before raising, whereas some companies are collapsed for not finding the root cause for failure. Today the common reason for most of the startup’s failure is ineffective digital strategy, this is even more in app-based companies.

But we always have a second chance to reach the target, which teaches us not to do make mistakes again that what we did before. So, here in this article I am explaining some common mistakes that app-driven businesses are making:

apps developer MumbaiMistake 1: Bad Design

Obliviously companies expects their mobile app to be extraordinary surpassing their competitors apps, ... Read more »

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mobile application developer gurgaonIn India, IT companies are growing rapidly. If you see last year many Global IT heads visited India. It is showing how Global CEOs are giving importance to expand businesses in India. Last year in May 2015, Tim cook, the CEO of Apple Inc. visited India followed by Mark Zuckerburg, the CEO of Facebook who visited in September, and Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, visited India in last December. It shows the importance that global giant companies like Google, Facebook and Microsoft are showing to invest in India. India is the second largest smartphone market after the United States. The internet users in India are expected to grow over 55% to 400 million in this year, said by Internet and Mobile Association of India. The Indian government launched Digital India Program to reach the technology to rural area to increase the technology implementation. Today, I ... Read more »

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apps development gurgaon

Today everyone wants to know which app is better for the chatting. There is a large number of chatting apps available in the app store, but only a few of them got popular because of their unique features which is attracting increased number of users day by day. For example: WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, Facebook Messenger, and Groupme. WeChat is the most used messaging app in China. But it couldn’t succeed in India because of a huge competition from WhatsApp, and it failed to wow Indian users mostly because users prefer the simple interface of like WhatsApp. So it almost left the race in India. On the other hand, Indian company Hike is still fighting to become competitor for WhatsApp.

Hike is having a similar interface of WhatsApp. Smart feat ... Read more »

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Children of present generation are very crazy about internet, where they want to play games through handheld devices like mobile phones, tablets, MacBook and Notebook laptop. Children not only want to play games, they also want to chat with their friends through social media.

You could have seen an amazing evolution in technology from generation to generation. When we were kids, we didn’t have mobile phone and we knew only landline which was fixed in a particular place and not able to carry anywhere. The first cellular phone came to India on July 31, 1995 and today in India, the number of mobile phone users crossed over 1 billion.

app developer gurgaon

Today we are caring more about our kid’s safety because family safety always comes first to our mind, which may be either outside home or inside. We need to make sure that our kids are safe from misguiding thi ... Read more »

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Mobile app has revolutionized the digital world. There is a necessity for both small and large businesses to develop mobile apps to stay in the business competition. Most of the time people use smartphone to get done the things. Mobile apps are very much helpful to fulfill customer needs. Due to a heavy demand for mobile apps, the increased number of mobile app development companies came to the market. But only a few app development companies keep up their promises. Mobile app is the best choice for any business to achieve popularity to their business and later connect with the customers. An expert iphone and android app development company in Ahmedabad can develop innovative app and make your dream into reality. Here I would like to share some important things that you need to consider before developing your app. android and iphone

< ... Read more »

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Planning to buy a smartphone? Then, I can say, you are surely thinking about the platform which is trending, iOS or Android!

You may have planned to change your device from Android to iPhone. This is not only you, many people, because of the changing trend.

According to CEO of Apple Tim Cook, in the third quarter of 2015 (July to September), 30% of the Android users shifted to iPhone. Between October and December of the same year, the user shifted from Android to iPhone was the highest in number.

Normal smartphone users may think why the Android users are shifting to iPhone. The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus created increased demand for the iPhone as they are similar to Android in screen size.

Mobile application development company in new york

Apple released its first iPhone in 2007. But in the beginning, there was a lack of good voice quality, proper data service ... Read more »

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Now it is the season of holidays as well as shopping. Some people plan to visit tourist places and some plan to go shopping. It is the time to discuss about the M-commerce strategy, as it is everything today, used to book holidays and buy products.

Last year, holidays and shopping activities’ major share was taken by M-commerce apps. It shows the how the mobile apps lead the eCommerce shopping. A few years back the way of shopping was different, where the people were directly going to the shopping mall. Now it is completely changed, people like door step delivery because it saves both time and money. If we come to mobile app development, top mobile app development companies new york have developed many highly profitable m-commerce apps for their customers. If you don’t have m commerce ap ... Read more »

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In the last decade, innovation in the mobile world was tremendous. Now, the world is at the fingertips of mobile users. Mobile users are now getting real time information which they need anytime, anywhere. We are here to discuss the emergence of technology in tourism.  According to a study, mobile app development companies new york have developed thousands of mobile apps that have acquired more than a billion users, in which travel apps are greater in number. Also, the travel related apps’ downloading rate also improved considerably in the last 2 years in the play stores.

More than 150 million travelers who have smartphones prefer app for hotel room booking, and flight booking, etc. Among tour operators and tourists, it brings happiness with multi-benefits.

But the shocking n ... Read more »

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The most common problems faced by app developers and app owners in the app world are unable to complete the project within budget and get the desired app within assured budget respectively. Generally when the application development going on the floor, its cost also goes over the floor. But mobile app development companies new york are well known for being honest to their assurance, and complete task within the assured budget.

Here are the best tips that you need to consider to avoid your app development budget going higher:

  1. Proper app strategy

When developing a mobile app, a proper and result-oriented app strategy is very important. This includes not only identifying the features and name of the app, it also includes including the busi ... Read more »

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In the travel industry, the ultimate changes are happening because of mobile and mobile apps. The best mobile app development companies new york or other American cities have developed great applications for the travel industry that have set a new trend in the industry.

Mobile application development company new york

We at FuGenX, a global mobile app development company in new york, h ... Read more »

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