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How To Increase Mobile Application Usage and Engagement

application costs from million to billion dollars. There is around only 30% of apps downloaded and used by users and the remaining 70% of apps are not recognized by users because the lack of visibility. Once the user downloads an app, he uses it once, and won’t visit or use it again as that seems inappropriate to them or its poor user interface.

Below are some of the useful three tactics to increase mobile apps usage and engagement, which could prevent your mobile app from being failed.

  1. Keep updating your mobile app or send regular notifications to your users

You need to update your mobile app at least weekly once to retain the attention of customers and promote business among them. The first look and feel comes to user mind is the UI and UX design of your mobile app. If your app’s UX and UX are not engaging, you won’t get the repeated users to app, and repeated customers to your business. Possibly, users forget your app. As an entrepreneur, you may prefer your mobile app to be on top. Whenever the customer searches business related to your app, your app should be in the first column to get more users (customers).

Let’s know about the FlyCleaners. FlyCleaners is an app platform that connects customers, and laundry and dry cleaning service providers. You (consumers) need to wash your cloth at least once in a week like you contact the retail service provider at least once in a month for groceries.

Some services like dry cleaning, the customers majorly depend on them to clean their clothes at least ones in a week. So the people may schedule their time for the dry cleaning service through mobile app, then the dry cleaning person will come on scheduled time. Fly Cleaners is the top dry cleaning service provider in New York. It has provided dry cleaning service for over 2 lakhs of cloth pieces and laundry services for over 20 lacks pounds of clothes in New York. In this case, users use the app once in a week, so, your app should at least be good or simple to use for your customers. Also, you can hook customers to your service by sending tips about take care of clothes.

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  1. Give Prominence To Core Feature More

If you want your customers should use your app regularly, then your app should be very attractive and users friendly, then only the users can feel comfortable with your mobile app and to your business. Having lots of features in your app that makes your app difficult to use to the customers and also it will affect the performance of your mobile app. The mobile application is used for the purpose to get the customers on a regular basis, so give prominence to core feature, which will make your customers consider your app a unique one.

When WhatsApp was first launched, the purpose was to enable users to send text message to their friends, but later when it got popular, WhatsApp introduced images, and videos sharing option with new look, which is attracting more customers. After introducing these features, it significantly increased its user base.


  1. Make Your App A Unique One

When you start developing a mobile app, first you need to choose the best mobile apps development companies new york or in your preferred city. Because it is the first thing you should do in order to strengthen your idea and business. To do so, you need to attract the customers with your product or services through mobile app. Then only you can reach your goal.

The first impression is the best impression, so first impress your customers with services or product with a unique mobile app, which can help to achieve brand identity. Once your brand identity is established, then your services or product reaches the customers meeting their expectations easily. Customers primarily prefer to get good service or product on time. Once after you have delivered good service to customers on time, then they never go away from your services. The brand helps your customers to identify your product or services easily because great services with a great brand helps so much.

So think about creating mobile app for your business, especially mobile app that can stand different from your competitors.  Want to develop a successful mobile app?

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