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Nowadays, the smartphone users’ number is increasing rapidly across the world as so many features are available in a single handheld device. Like screen touch, camera, flashlight, browsing, video call, GPS Tracking and many more.

GPS tracking service is available in almost every smartphone. With the help of tracking device, the location tracking app is developed for enterprises to monitor their employees’ activities. The employee location tracking apps are installed on Android phones, iPhones, Blackberry, Windows phones and many other OS enabled devices. As an entrepreneur, you can track the location where the employee is in and what time he comes to the office and leaves.

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application costs from million to billion dollars. There is around only 30% of apps downloaded and used by users and the remaining 70% of apps are not recognized by users because the lack of visibility. Once the user downloads an app, he uses it once, and won’t visit or use it again as that seems inappropriate to them or its poor user interface.

Below are some of the useful three tactics to increase mobile apps usage and engagement, which could prevent your mobile app from being failed.

  1. Keep updating your mobile app or send regular notifications to your users

You need to update your mobile app at least weekly once to retain the attention of customers and promote business among them. The first look and feel comes to user mind is the UI and UX design of your mobile app. If your app’s UX and UX are not engaging, you won’t get the repeated users to app, and repeated customers to your busi ... Read more »

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