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What are the Top Features of Google Art Camera?

It has been more than one year Google’s Cultural Institute unveiled Google Art Camera. Since then, the institute has made a significant contribution to enrich the values of world culture.

Google Art Camera provides web users an ability to visualize art up close – down to the very brushstrokes. This custom-built, robotic camera is capable to capture gigapixel images quickly. Google’s Cultural Institute is an organization dedicated to preserve the world’s culture and history by bringing it online. Google Art Camera is really a cool device for technology companies like android app development companies India, Brazil and across the world and design studios across the world to learn more about art and design.

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How Camera Works?

This camera is powered by a robotic system, which uses thousands of high-resolution close-ups. It leverages a laser and sonar system to focus precisely. The sonar system the camera uses leverages high-frequency sound to analyze the distance of the artwork to well position itself. The camera has the capability to hear like a bat.

The camera assembles images coherently. The software the camera possesses is well capable of consolidating the images together to form a single image.

Google allows to share these images online, so people across the world can experience the art at any corner of the world.

Did you ever experience the feel of 200 gigapixel images? If not, just go to Google’s Cultural Institute’s portal. Google had already made around 200 gigapixel images out online during the first 5 years of the institute. But it had been time-consuming for Google to scan all those before. But now with the smart robotic camera, the same job can be done much faster and easily. Before it used to take a day to scan a painting, but now that has been reduced to 30 minutes. That means Google would significantly increase the number of images that can be made available to web users. The company was able to scan more than 1,000 images in a few months using a new camera that used to take a year before.

This camera is not only helpful to bring more art online in clarity, but also help museums share sensitive images that can’t be exhibited always due to light and humidity issues.

People can see art from Rembrandt, Pissarro, Signac, Van Gogh, Monet and many other artists from different museums across USA, India, the Netherlands, Brazil and the rest of the world.

The camera also helps create collections of similar art together in an attractive way. For example, if you want to view Van Gogh’s six popular portraits of the Roulin family up close, you may have to visit different museums in the Netherlands, L.A. and New York. But Google Art Camera allows you to see all on one web page.


We can say Google Art Camera is one of the coolest innovations Google ever brought out. Along with Cardboard and Jump, mobile app development company in India and other technology services companies in USA and across the world have got a new device called Art Camera to work on and widen their service portfolio.  


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