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How mobile Apps are making easy in hiring process for HR?

Hiring the right person has always been a headache for human resource managers around the world. Apart from the stress of hiring the right candidate, a lot of operational fatigue branches out of the number of steps involved from inviting to onboarding the right person for the job. Only if we had something that could solve these issues. But wait! Isn’t this the 21st century, and don’t we have mobile apps already?

Mobile apps emerged as the ultimate solution for the resource hiring staff. From the very beginning, mobile apps development has had the tendency to build solutions for any industry and fortunately, recruitment industry realized the importance of mobile applications in the hiring process, quite early. And today, we hardly have any established company that doesn’t use an internal hiring tool for mobile. But why do they use it? We will find out in the pointers below.


Increased co-ordination

Although the entire process has to be arranged and managed by the HR manager, officials from the departments for which a candidate has to be hired, also participate in the respective interview rounds. Usually, there are more than two departments that participate in an interview, which is why co-ordination between the departments on pre-requisites becomes important. Apart from that, it is also important for the departments to reach a common consensus on quality of the candidate. All this is quite a cakewalk on a hiring app as the Android apps development company India can build a common interface for relevant documents submitted by the candidate for easy access. This section, controlled by the access rights, can be viewed and downloaded by employees of other departments.


Looking up

If you are an HR manager reading this article, you may remember that reaching out the right people in an open jungle of offline platforms and job hunt websites used to be the most tedious task of all. Websites have always been an unappealing option to attract candidates as filling glitch-hit forms sitting right in front of the PC all day is what we can call boring. However, mobile apps have made it easy and appealing for candidates to fill forms quickly with social or LinkedIn logins. Mobile apps have also empowered the candidates to find competitive jobs that match their criteria, based on job description, compensation offered, company profile etc.



Screening thousands of applications in a small period of time has always been a tiring affair for those dealing with it. Although mobile apps have been handling this task with grace, just providing a single interface to show all the received applications was not enough. But then the indispensable property of mobile apps to adapt to other forms of allied technologies came into the scenario, which allowed mobile app development companies India to integrate hiring apps with artificial intelligence. With the help of AI powered job hunt applications, screening the imperfect, incomplete and unsuitable applications, so that the recruiters can find just about the right candidates.


So these were some of the ways mobile applications that have made it easy for recruiters around the world to hire the right candidate. In this day & age, as the job market has boomed more than ever, the number of candidates looking for jobs has also gone up. Hence, it is even more than crucial to have a mobile app that is smart and comprehensive at syphoning off just the right resources.  

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