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Do you think AI only has positives? Here’s something to prove you wrong

These are the times when the applications of Artificial Intelligence are everywhere, or at least are in trial phase, everywhere. Some of the greatest inventions became a reality because of the existence and consistent growth of AI. Some of the biggest nations like Saudi Arabia and Dubai have adopted AI first hand, and seem quite keen in applying it almost all the aspects of their unique public ecosystem and economy, and have even routed for mobile apps development companies to build easily accessible AI solutions. Apart from that US-based companies like Google, Microsoft etc., are also ardently using AI to build technologies like autonomous cars, smart home automation, manufacturing robots etc.


In simpler words, AI is no less than a rainbow on a pleasant rainy day. But is it really that? Does AI actually come with zero risk? Or are we overlooking that this smart coin has another side as well, which we are missing due to our one-dimensional thinking towards AI. Let’s see what the experts have to say about that.


Elon Musk, founder of Tesla and SpaceX feels that even though robots are productive and have helped streamlining tasks across different industries, AI is likely to threaten our sustenance. Popular physicist, cosmologist and author Stephen Hawking has a mixed opinion on AI that, in future, it is going to be the extremely good or turn out significantly bad.


Let’s get you knowing about some of the cons of artificial intelligence.


Robots can’t match us; can surpass us though


There is just no way robots and AI-powered technologies. However, they may go way beyond our potential. You must be wondering how that is a problem. We do need something that is way more intelligent than us, and can take better care of things based on their own intelligence, right? Erm, no! While we may want that, it is not our need. We need technologies that work with us or independently on repetitive tasks, assist us, and help us achieve better results. We may feel that we need to see more of AI in complex tasks and fully automated processes, but what puts us on risk in that case, is the self-evolving algorithmic logic that may deduce and reach a conclusion that we may not be expecting. After all, it is all about coding.


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Initial Costs


The reason why, despite being a run-of-the-mill in the world of technology, artificial intelligence is not something that you get to see a large number of companies practising, is because developing AI-powered solutions is a costly affair, both in terms of technical requirements and resource allocation. Also, the AI industry yet hasn’t seen a surge in number of core AI developers, which is why hiring and paying AI developers is a little too heavy on budget, especially for small enterprises. Other than monetary constraints, the amount of time that the development phase demands is too much, which is another reason why AI development poses a challenge to small enterprises that can hardly focus on anything but their core practice. For general public, the solutions that are present out there in the market are also way too costly to be adopted by commoners, which goes against the basic principle of AI – convenience for all. At present, the basic minimum cost of a typical full-fledged home automation system is more than 2000 USD, which reaches up to almost 100,000 USD.




The core purpose of AI is to automate the processes with the use of data. Now we all know that the data generated out of different types of nodes is constantly changing due to changing trends, people’s perception, and most importantly, rapidly changes in technology. Due to this constant evolution of data, upgradation of AI systems becomes a dire need. But then, too frequent upgradations take too much of the resources and time, which sort of contradicts its own existence. But then this is only for now, as we can expect more of self-dependent and self-upgrading AI technologies in future.




One of the generic beliefs, eradication of human jobs is why the world has two factions with two different stances on AI. While most believe that robots will work with humans in future, some believe, like Elon Musk, that machines will completely replace humans. And replacing humans means the need for humans at work place. Industries are readily adopting AI robotics with the help of Android app development companies India to optimize their operation through apps and smarter ERP software. And every time a robot joins, the need for multiple human employees fades away.


It is understandable why the world is fascinated with AI and how it benefits us in different ways. From an industrial point of view as well, AI does help in optimizing costs and resources. But then if we look at the bigger picture, if people won’t have money which is a direct consequence of loss of jobs, to whom would these industries be selling their products?


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