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Best Mobile App Marketing Tips

It is thought that people download all apps, but the fact is the most number of apps are not downloaded, and not even used by people by downloading any other source. If it has happened in your case, you can’t blame mobile app development company which has developed mobile app for you.

Mobile app is the powerful way to build a long-term relationship with the customers. Nowadays people before going outside, they think that, where to go-what to do-what to buy. If your mobile app in their hand, they will definitely use your app. In order to make this possible, you have to make them to download your app. For better downloads, marketing is very important for your app. If your app fails to become popular,

Mobile Apps Marketing

Mobile application marketing is the method of promoting the mobile apps with the help of different channels like social media, mobile advertising and many other. Mobile apps marketing are three types, i.e. promoting before mobile app launch, promoting at the time of mobile app launch and promoting after the launch. The major goal of the app marketing is to download it by more users. For your info, iPhone app development companies in new york are well known for mobile app marketing services as well.

Why App Marketing?

First, you need to understand that why app marketing is needed, not only app, everything that we produce or create that needs some promotion to reach the customers, the same way the app also needs marketing to get users attention. There are millions of mobile applications available in the app store, but only most effective apps are visible to the users when searched.

I detailed below the different mobile app marketing methods:

Promoting App Before Launch

App Promotion: When you started to develop an app by that time itself, you need to start promoting your app. By inviting your business friends or partners and press people to introduce your mobile app with the attractive presentation, it could keep them on excitement about the launch if your app seems interesting. For the better app promotion, you can take the help of mobile apps development companies new york or in your preferred city.


Dedicated website for the app: In recent years, the app which is having landing page or dedicated website got succeeded comparatively. How it got succeeded means, when having a landing page, then you can publish the information like the purpose of the app for the users, key features, screenshots and video on that.

Marketing through Email marketing: Generally the established companies have the database of the customers, I hope you will also have. By that database you can send the email or invitation to customers about the upcoming mobile application.

Marketing through social media: Social media is very powerful tool for marketing your app. Create a buzz about your app between the users in social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Marketing through Search engine: By using SEO techniques and PPC with the help of landing page or website of the app, you can promote your app.

The above marketing channels like social media, search engine and email marketing which you can also use to promote your app after the launch.

Promoting during the mobile app launch

App store Optimization: Before submitting your app into the app store, you have to research well which keywords can cover your app key features and functions, and using that, write a description for your app. Create an attractive video about your app as well as create attractive and thoughtful app screenshot. Also very important is to select the title of the app, which is related to your app function. Before choosing the keyword you need to analyse your competitor app keywords which are high in ranking.

If an Android app development company in New York city wants to rank its app in the app store that is created for business promotion, its app should contain at least keywords like Android app development company.

Promoting App After the Launch:

App Analytics Tool: With the help of app analytics tool, analyze keywords used in app description and make changes to it if required, which can help your app to get ranked better.

Reply to users’ comments: Users reviews can help you to find shortfalls in your app, and accordingly, you can make changes in the app.

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1 sweetzawadzki • 3:29 PM, 09.16.2016 [Entry]
Thank you for sharing this article, Sadesh. I am new to all of this. We created an app for our company a few weeks ago with the help of mobile app development company and now we're working on its promotion. I think your article will be my personal check list of what I have already done and what I have to do. We already made a promo video with a help of these guys http://www.appdemovideo.net/ and now we're working on a website. Also, I'm already starting on app analytics tool. Again, thanks for sharing. This article is VERY useful! smile