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Traveling through busy cities with the traffic is irritating with the hired vehicle and also you may think that the hired vehicle is not comfortable when compared to your own vehicle. Also, whenever required to travel from required place at the exact time or for immediate need, the cabs are not available for certain time.

Many major cities have car cab facility, but the customer is not getting frequent service in their location. Whenever the customer needs cab, they don’t have the choice to wait until the cab arrives. This is even difficult for the particular customers like who are working and they need to reach on time and they cannot be delayed for the particular place or location. Uber, a multinational travel company, found a much needed solution for this dilemma and succeeded to a great extent.

Uber‘s Initial Days

The company like Uber tried to come over this complex problem. Uber was founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Cam ... Read more »

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